Yokoso Dutch Open 2021 On Hold

Due to the Pandemic of Covid 19 and the new restrictions in The Netherlands, we will have to wait for permission the be able to continue with the Yokoso Dutch Open 2021. As only Top Athletes events are allowed at the moment, we are working on getting every thing in order to have a event this year. What we know at the moment, is that only Top Athletes can compete in events in The Netherlands, so if you are in the Top 10 of your country in your National Ranking of your country or in the Top 100 in the World Ranking, you will be allowed to compete in a Top Athlete event. You will need an personal invitation of WAKO Nederland to be able to enter the country and compete in our event. Further there are rules about testing before you enter The Netherlands and also of your own country that you need to check.
All Beginners and categories till 14 years will be cancelled. Only Creative and Musical Forms will be allowed, all other Forms categories will be cancelled.
We will keep you up-to-date about the event. 


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