Yokoso Virtual Championship 2.0

The registration for the Yokoso Virtual Championship 2.0 is now open. We will have Forms, Tricking and Weapons Battles and the Kickboxing Challenge categories in this event. The Match code is online, so you can start recording already. We will use 1 code for the entire event and you can upload multiple videos for more rounds if you want.The registration fee is 9 euro for the first category and all others registration are 5 euro! All winners of the First Yokoso Virtual Challenge get 1 registration for free.We have prizes sponsored by Top Ten/Hayashi Netherlands for all prizes winners and participants!1st place 40% discount, 2nd place 30% discount, 3rd place 20% discount and all participant 10% discount. All winners of the Kickboxing Challenge will get a free entry in the Yokoso Dutch Open 2021 in Amsterdam!Please go to the event and check out the information about the event. We hope to see you all at the Yokoso Virtual Championship 2.0!If you have any questions, please let us know.

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