The Yokoso Dutch Open is a tournament under WAKO regulation. Official WAKO rules are applicable. View or download these rules below. Participants/coaches are expected to fully understand and agree with the contents.

All New Rules of WAKO International will apply at the Yokoso Dutch Open 2017!

Chapter 1_General Rules – update August 2016

Chapter 2_Ring Sports_General Rules_update August 2016

Chapter 3_Tatami Sports_General Rules_v19 (1)

Chapter 4_Point Fighting _ v19 _2_ (1)

Chapter 5_Light Contact_ v19

Chapter 6_Kick Light_ v19

Chapter 7 – New Musical Forms – update 2016

Chapter 10_K-1 Rules – update August 2016

WAKO Rule Changes Summary 1st August 2016 ( Final) (1)

WAKO Equipment Notice 24-02-2017

WAKO IF Medical Regulations 2015