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Information Yokoso Dutch Open 2018

Program Yokoso Dutch Open 2018

Friday 23th of March
• Weigh-in from 6 pm till 10 pm.
• Seminar SCKA Forms, Traditional, Weapons, Musical Forms
• Medical seminar for doctors, coaches and referees.

Saturday 24th of March
• Weigh-in 7.30 till 9.00!
• Start Opening at 9.15
• Start competition 9.30 am. Grand Champions will start at 9.30 am!
• Start Pre Night Show 18.00
• Start Night Show 18.30 with the Grand champion and Tag team finals
• End of the day 20.30

Medical issues
• All competitors have to fill in the Sports Medical examination Form, Medical-Examination-WAKO-Questionnaire.pdf. Please download the form and bring it filled in to the registration.
• All competitors have to fill in the Release of Liability form,WAKO-Release-of-Liability.pdf. Please download the form and bring it filled in to the registration.
• A medical check is mandatory for all ring competitors!
• All competitors must show there Sports Passport and an ID at the registration!

• Please do your payment online! This makes the registration go faster. We will have a “FAST LANE” for the clubs that already did the payment! You can pay with PayPal or Bank transfer.
• We will merge categories that have 1 competitor, the competitor will go an category up. If
this is not possible, we will contact you. Please check the lists on the Sportdata site.

For registration go to Yokoso Dutch Open 2018 on Sportdata

The Yokoso Dutch Open will use the WAKO Rules! For all the rules, please visit our website
• We will not allow traditional clothes (gi, debok) for any sparring discipline!
• For Point Fighting and Light Contact you must wear a T shirt and long pants or the kickboxing suit for these disciplines.
• For Kick Light you must wear a short kickboxing pants and T-shirt and for K1 only the short Kickboxing pants and no T-shirt. For women of course they must wear a T-shirt. For Forms it is allowed to wear Traditional clothes!
• Gloves: PF, the gloves must be open at the hand palm. LC, KL and K1, the gloves must be closed and 10 oz. The Gloves must be in good condition.
• Other mandatory protective gear: Headgear, mouth piece, shin protection, safety kicks and groin protection. For K1: Headgear, mouth piece, groin protection, shin/foot protection. BEWARE ELBOW PATHS ARE MANDATORY IN POINT FIGHTING ONLY!!
• Please check the rules for any of your questions or contact us.

Beginners Categories
• Beginners Younger Cadets and Older Cadets only Pointfighting: These categories are for REAL beginners. The fighter can only participate in this division if they participate in maximum 4 tournaments of WAKO/WKA/WTKA/WKU/ISKA in Point fighting/semi contact and max 6 tournaments of other organisations.
• Beginners Junior/ Senior divisions: The fighter can only participate in this division if they have participate in max 8 tournaments of WAKO/WKA/WTKA/WKU/ISKA in Pointfighting/semi contact and a max of 16 tournaments of other organisations.
• Beginners K1: If a fighter have fought less than 9 fights in Gala’s or 15 fights in tournaments he/she can register as a beginner. If he has more fights he/ must enter the advanced categories.

We will check if the fighters are registered in the right categories! Please keep in mind we have these categories for the safety of all the fighters and to experience WAKO Kickboxing on their level. We trust the coaches to register them in the right categories. It is allowed to register for multiple categories! If you have any questions, please contact us.

K1 for Cadets
This will be according to Dutch Law. According to Dutch law it’s not allowed to have contact to the head if you are younger than 16 year in a full contact fight. From the age of 10 till 16 we will have K1 but with NO CONTACT TO THE HEAD! The protection needed is the same as for the juniors and the seniors. The fights will be in the ring.

Kick Light
For the kids from 6 till 9 years we have 3 male and 3 female categories for Kick Light on the tatami.
The registration will close on the 21th of March. The seeding will be according to the KickBoxing World Series Ranking.
Contact us at: